What’s up with gaydar, anyway?

Let me start this post by disclosing my bias. I am a MASSIVE science fan. While I didn’t discover it early enough to get into it professionally, I have the utmost respect for people in any field of scientific study (yes, even you, Biologists). In 9 of 10 disputes where a scientist is at odds with a layperson, I will take the scientist’s side (even after studying the issue independently).

There are however exceptions to that rule. This is almost exclusively in the misapplication of science to achieve an agenda outside of increasing one’s knowledge. I believe this is the case here. Continue reading “What’s up with gaydar, anyway?”


What’s up with this blog, anyway?

A bit about me – I’m a highly opinionated person who, while personally a very patient and calm person, get enraged pretty damn easily. This might seem like two mutually exclusive people, but it’s true, they can live in the same person.

Mainly, I’m fortunate enough to have a collection of reasonable people around me that warp my view of the real world by not being assholes. The problem is that when you’re surrounded by reason, any even slight deviation can be fairly troubling. From huge topics like gender and race politics to tiny issues like professional incompetence, I enjoy a good bit of bitter sarcasm to keep my sanity.

This site will likely undergo quite a bit of change as I screw around with it in the coming days but hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride.