So what’s up with the music industry, anyway?

So John Legend and Colbie Caillat have new videos out. You’ll notice that I don’t talk much about music here, and that’s mostly because I’m very much a casual music listener, at the best of times, and certainly nothing modern, because I’m an old fogey like that.

BUT this has a social justice slant, so obviously I have to pay attention. Let’s set aside for a moment the fact that these songs are so similar I find it difficult to believe one was not ripped off of the other (which, I don’t know).

Both songs latch on to the recently popularized third (forth?) wave of feminism which has been exceedingly critical of the lack of real representation of women in the sound waves. The quality of the songs aside, whether they’re genuine or not has been something of a point of contention on the intertubes.

Photo by SweetCrisis (
Photo by SweetCrisis (

Here’s why I don’t care:

  1. They’re riding a popular movement. They’re musicians. Their JOB is to sell music. It is to be expected that they take on the voice of those most likely to buy their stuff.
  2. It’s an indication that the hard work and threats and risks taken by men and women for this cause everyday isn’t for nothing. Their voices are being heard.
  3. Free publicity for a great cause!
  4. There are different ways to capitalize on the same issue. Ask Robin Thicke. I’ll take a disingenuous support of a cause to intentionally enraging one any day. Fuck I hate that little fuck.
  5. John Legend has also stepped up to raise money for women’s charities, which means that regardless of his intentions, he’s actually doing some good.

My hope is that since media tends to have significant hold over public opinion, this growing trend of female-friendly music, TV, and movies will help spread the message of feminism (not people’s warped interpretation of it) and maybe even change some minds. We only talk about this because it’s still so rare. I hope that day ends soon.


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