What’s up with Scotland, anyway?

I actually thought of moving to Scotland a few years ago. In our research of the UK, Scotland really punches above their weight class in academia, inventions, and innovative thinking. It doesn’t hurt that 300 years of oppression has left them as cynical as Jews – so I figured I’d fit right in.


It is that respect of their minds that makes me optimistic. I get both arguments. Yes, things will sting for Scotland if they become independent. Shale gas is not a lasting industry, but it can carry them long enough to build a real sustainable economy – if they take advantage of the time.

So yes, I would vote yes, and probably on little more than optimism. The thing though, is that you’ll never know how much you can amount to till you move out of your parents’ basement – especially if they’re dicks. Can it all go horribly horribly wrong? Yes, but I’m hopeful that a country that consistently puts out academic articles at 10 times their population size has the brain power to come out on top.

Whether it happens tomorrow or in a hundred years, it will happen – I just hope I get to see what happens next.


2 thoughts on “What’s up with Scotland, anyway?

  1. Things actually went the way I (eventually) decided I wanted them to go. Close but with a final decision to stay. I liked the fact that the decision to hold the referendum was not one that really had any feeling of great animosity. I’m hoping the closeness of the vote brings more financial equality to a part of the United Kingdom that has the resources but not necessarily the means.
    This is how it should be and I hope that people are content – or appeased. Living in Canada and seeing Quebec continually (it seems) having a “final” referendum over and over again with no real thought to what would or could happen to them (like forget them accepting their portion of the debt) – or seeing them behave like spoiled children “If you don’t buy us a pony we will leave” this is a refreshing view. Actually if anyone in Canada was considering sovereignty and separating it could be Newfoundland/Labrador but I hope they don’t.

    1. I actually saw an article in the Metro before the vote about a Scottish-Canadian who said that he couldn’t support the Yes campaign because he doesn’t support Quebec separatists and he didn’t want to be a hypocrite. While I appreciate what he was trying to get at, there are numerous differences. These are rather different situations. For one, Scotland contributes a lot of taxes to the UK while Quebec takes in billions in equalization payments. The other thing is that Scotland isn’t smack dab in the middle of the UK. Quebec would split Atlantic Canada apart from the rest of us. Third, they did not demand to keep British currency or equalization payments.

      For me, Scotland being an independent country is really a matter of curiosity. I think they could do it, but I can definitely see why they opted for the devil they know. Maybe next time.

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