The attacks in Ottawa and Montreal Prove we are Safe

Our security is completely adequate. The past few days have proven that. The reason these people got as far as they did was because we trust our population, as we should.

I hesitate to even comment on the situation, because I feel like it’s gotten more airtime than it deserves already, but this has been said in a couple of places and bears repeating – these are tragedies, but they are not a reflection of poor safety measures in Canada.

That said, two incidents in a few days in rather troubling. The solution though, is hardly in increasing security in all public places as has been in many major cities the reaction. The solution is to look at what we are doing as a society that is creating these isolated, disenfranchised individuals manipulated by extremist groups and forced to devastating acts of protest. What we need to do is make sure that Canada is united on more than just tragedies. How we treat our native population, our visible minorities, our immigrants, and our women is a reflection of our nation, and under Harper, we have done miserably.

If we want to stop acts like these from happening again, it’s time to stop funding fighter jets when our government is gutting programs designed to help marginalized groups. It’s time to stop pretending that we do not have social constructs that cause criminality in certain groups and against often the same groups.

It’s time to remember that Canada is about more than fear.


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