Milestone Partnership between Ontario and Quebec to address Energy Needs Sensibly

Today’s good news story is actually already a week old. Unfortunately, other stuff has dominated the news and Premier Wynne’s remarkable achievement has flown under the radar.

ClŽment Allard / CP
ClŽment Allard / CP

Can I just take yet another moment and bask in this one politician’s effort to restore my faith in politics? Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has joined hands with Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard to sign a milestone deal, likely as a way of sticking it to Harper for being a dangerously incompetent Prime Minister who actively avoids the provincial leaders because he doesn’t like them.

The deal eliminates the need for Ontario to build yet another massive, costly, inefficient, and environmentally disastrous power plant. It will allow the funds that were going to go towards building that to be reallocated to real infrastructure needs within the province. It creates a stronger economic tie between the two provinces. It places higher priority on renewable sources of energy. It helps Quebec gain income in ways other than equalization payments and does not put any additional strain on their production as our needs are beautifully complimentary. It allows Ontario to pay significantly less for energy. It puts us a step closer to a national energy plan, even if Harper refuses to join in.

Is more work needed? Of course. Is this a tremendous first step? Absolutely.

Goddamn this is exciting.


More than just victims

There are so many excellent articles out there about the significance of the murder of young Michael Brown and how his case was handled by the authorities.

Here is a very thorough and impartial summary of the court’s findings provided by the CBC. Warning, it’s still pretty infuriating.

The BBC featured some very interesting reactions to the shooting and protests from other nations Here.

The Globe and Mail featured a hopeful article discussing ways in which people have come together to get momentum building to cause meaningful change here.

Even Cracked has done a bit of investigative journalism on the matter, and their results are also pretty infuriating.

There are many many more and now with Tamir Rice things continue to escalate, but that isn’t actually what I’d like to talk about, because black people are much much more than their involvement with police.

What I’d like to talk about is the awesome stuff black people have done when they weren’t being shot dead in the street for the crime of having built in SPF15. Continue reading “More than just victims”

Why I don’t regret not reporting my assault

Suat Eman (
Suat Eman (

A lot of men and women face that decision at some point in their lives. It may be a friend, relative, co-worker, or a total stranger, but someone out there has made them feel worthless.

Last week, Rolling Stone published an article that has gotten quite a bit of buzz. You can read the original here (massive trigger alert on this one). This has led to a lot of talk regarding how under-reported rape is and how this helps create the false conception that it isn’t a problem.

Continue reading “Why I don’t regret not reporting my assault”

The Book of Mormon: The Musical and White Privilege

I should start by saying that I really enjoy South Park. I have never taken issue with their brand of humour, and tend to find their satire, while rarely nuanced, very funny. So I went into the musical with fairly high expectations.

The thing with satire is that not everyone will get it, and maybe it was just too subtle to for me. Some people are complaining about the religious jokes, but obviously that’s not what bugged me. Continue reading “The Book of Mormon: The Musical and White Privilege”

Tim Cook is after Putin’s Children!

I sometimes wonder if Putin, much like my adorable and traumatized dog, is completely insane or a secret genius.

Secret genius?

This came up a lot with the Ukraine war. Did he really just think he could walk into a sovereign land and plant a fucking flag? Did he really think he was fooling anyone by saying he totally didn’t know who these thousands of unmarked soldiers were? Was he seriously expecting that a counter sanction on the West will weaken their resolve?

BUT! He did just walk into Ukraine and plant a flag. He fooled no one with these unmarked soldiers, but the denials kept the war localized, with little more than a finger wagging from other nations. Whether the sanctions will impact the European economy is unlikely, but support for it internally has boosted his national profile.

Or completely insane?  (yes, I will use any excuse to share this picture)
Or completely insane?
(yes, I will use any excuse to share this picture)

Now, I find myself asking the same question. Really, can we expect any less than taking down a statue of an iPhone from a place that put up such a statue in the first place? It’s almost difficult to get mad at them. When Ralph worked out how to get up on our counter and proceeded to eat an entire roast chicken, was I upset? Yes, but it was hard to blame him. He doesn’t know any better. He just knew he wanted that chicken.

Of course, Ralph doesn’t have access to nuclear launch codes and a political stranglehold over the largest country in the world.

Why People Like the Fords Will Keep Winning Elections – and that’s ok

A few months ago I read an incredibly depressing editorial on why minorities are so overwhelmingly supportive of a man who has been, more than any other Canadian politician in recent memory, outwardly racist and dismissive of these groups. These are propagators of  an ideology that guts social services that support new immigrants, the unemployed, the disabled, single parents, and others that miraculously get their support anyway. Continue reading “Why People Like the Fords Will Keep Winning Elections – and that’s ok”