SeaWorld still under fire… But are we doing enough?

Ever since Blackfish came out, SeaWorld has taken a lot of flack. They have lost a lot of high profile relationships, stock prices have plummeted, and public demands from researchers to stop misrepresenting their research to deceive the public.

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What I learned at a focus group on the East Energy Pipeline

Firstly – apologies for the long absence. It has been a strange few months, and life has gone in all kinds of frustrating, exciting, weird ways and this blog was neglected.

Now, for last week. I was contacted by a group I signed up for back in university that does focus groups. I’ve only ever done one other, not certain what about. They asked me questions, primarily, about my interest in politics. Strangely, they seemed pleased about my enthusiasm for it.

Last night, I arrived in a polished office, where I and a number of other women (2 of women of colour in a group of about 10). They had sandwiches and cookies laid out. A couple of the women noted with some discontent that the men got the 6pm spot, while we only started at 8.

We’re shown into a room with huge pads of paper which we never used. A nice older guy walks us through the paces. We can say whatever we want, we’re not expected to represent anyone but ourselves, we’re not expected to know much about the subject, but anything we’d like to share we can add. This is shaping up to be pretty darn interesting!

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