Everyday Hero

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5 thoughts on “Everyday Hero

    1. Thanks! And welcome to the blog! I use bitstrips.com to make the comics. They’re a great site for those of us not gifted with an artistic hand.

      As for the content, I usually just try to think of something that has made me or people I like laugh, and see if I can frame it into panels. Sometimes it fails miserably, other times it takes a few redo’s to get it right. This one actually came together perfectly in one go (because its happened so many times!).

      Are you also trying out making comics?

      1. Thanks for the information. Yes I am working with my wife on a comic. I have “dabbled” with art all my life but never really taken it seriously. I went into Computers but to be honest my true love is music and art. So now many years later Im trying to at least make a solid hobby out of it. I enjoy evoking emotion and hope with our comic (eventually I hope it to be a book or graphic novel) we can vehicle our weird humor on to others 🙂 If you get a chance check out my blog. Thanks!

      2. Well it looks like you have the perfect mix with computers and art! I took a look at your site and noticed that you’re working on a comic with robots. Have you thought of integrating music into the comic? I’m sure fellow musicians would love seeing comics with accurate instruments for once!

      3. Thank you for checking out my site. Its a work in progress. My wife and i are working on voice acting to go along with the art panels. Ill see if i can post a sample soon.

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