Why this election is about withholding information

Surprise, surprise – the election brought me back from the dead.

For me, this election brings back memories of the 2007 provincial election, during which I worked for Elections Ontario. It was also the election that saw Ontario’s sad attempt at election reform and the government’s successful efforts to quash it. Continue reading “Why this election is about withholding information”


What’s up with compromise, anyway?

I think people have developed a phobia of the word compromise. There seem to be two schools of thought going around:

  1. To be happy, you must never compromise. If people do not love you exactly the way you are then they don’t love you at all. If you have not found someone you love everything about all the time then you haven’t met the right person.
  2.  To be happy, you must always compromise. If you are not willing to sacrifice everything that has ever mattered to you for the sake of another person then you do not truly love that person. The same is true for them.

If I may, I would like to humbly suggest a third school of thought: Continue reading “What’s up with compromise, anyway?”