Why this election is about withholding information

Surprise, surprise – the election brought me back from the dead.

For me, this election brings back memories of┬áthe 2007 provincial election, during which I worked for Elections Ontario. It was also the election that saw Ontario’s sad attempt at election reform and the government’s successful efforts to quash it. Continue reading “Why this election is about withholding information”


What’s up with decisions, anyway?

Courtesy of khunaspix of freedigitalphotos.net
Courtesy of khunaspix of freedigitalphotos.net

When I was growing up, I was certain. Not about everything, and most of the things I was sure of were either black and white representations of very complex issues or just straight up wrong, but at least I was sure of them.

It felt nice. I can understand the appeal of right-wing reasoning for that very reason.

The problem is that unless you let yourself stop developing at 16, you soon learn that a lot of the things you were sure about don’t mean very much anymore. I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating some major decisions recently. They’re not urgent, but the lack of clarity in direction weighs on me nonetheless, because they feel like decisions I should have made a decade ago – somehow with the knowledge I have now.

I wish I had an answer to this one.┬áMaybe the trick is really to just coast in life until you’ve worked out what you want to do like so many people I know have done. Maybe the trick is to just do and redo as things change. Maybe there is no trick at all.