Why this election is about withholding information

Surprise, surprise – the election brought me back from the dead.

For me, this election brings back memories of the 2007 provincial election, during which I worked for Elections Ontario. It was also the election that saw Ontario’s sad attempt at election reform and the government’s successful efforts to quash it. Continue reading “Why this election is about withholding information”


The attacks in Ottawa and Montreal Prove we are Safe

Our security is completely adequate. The past few days have proven that. The reason these people got as far as they did was because we trust our population, as we should. Continue reading “The attacks in Ottawa and Montreal Prove we are Safe”

What I should have said to Doug Ford…

Ford was out campaigning in my part of town yesterday and tried to hand me a flyer. I don’t think I perform at my peak at 8am on my way to work, so the best I could offer was a “not in a million years” as I walked past. Continue reading “What I should have said to Doug Ford…”

What’s up with municipal politics, anyway?

I am an avid politico. I love reading about politics. I love staying on top of what’s in the news – even Canadian politics excite me! I’ve enjoyed the long mayoral election season because it gives me more time to fantasize about the magical place Toronto will be once that asswipe takes his final steps out.

Continue reading “What’s up with municipal politics, anyway?”