A Moderate Perspective of the Black Lives Matter Protest at Pride

There has been a lot written about this protest already, but it seems every article falls neatly into one of two categories – either the author is calling BLM Toronto a bunch of wanton criminals or unquestionable heroes. To be honest, I think most people actually fall somewhere in the middle, and don’t really know what to think.

So I’m here to offer the perspective of a hard core moderate that might help you with your own thoughts on this. Continue reading “A Moderate Perspective of the Black Lives Matter Protest at Pride”


Tim Cook is after Putin’s Children!

I sometimes wonder if Putin, much like my adorable and traumatized dog, is completely insane or a secret genius.

Secret genius?

This came up a lot with the Ukraine war. Did he really just think he could walk into a sovereign land and plant a fucking flag? Did he really think he was fooling anyone by saying he totally didn’t know who these thousands of unmarked soldiers were? Was he seriously expecting that a counter sanction on the West will weaken their resolve?

BUT! He did just walk into Ukraine and plant a flag. He fooled no one with these unmarked soldiers, but the denials kept the war localized, with little more than a finger wagging from other nations. Whether the sanctions will impact the European economy is unlikely, but support for it internally has boosted his national profile.

Or completely insane?  (yes, I will use any excuse to share this picture)
Or completely insane?
(yes, I will use any excuse to share this picture)

Now, I find myself asking the same question. Really, can we expect any less than taking down a statue of an iPhone from a place that put up such a statue in the first place? It’s almost difficult to get mad at them. When Ralph worked out how to get up on our counter and proceeded to eat an entire roast chicken, was I upset? Yes, but it was hard to blame him. He doesn’t know any better. He just knew he wanted that chicken.

Of course, Ralph doesn’t have access to nuclear launch codes and a political stranglehold over the largest country in the world.

What’s up with negativity, anyway?

I’m going to try something different for the next few days. I’m going to ONLY share articles that address social injustice in a positive light. I don’t mean the kind of “there is no social injustice” or “social injustice, YAY!” (full disclosure – I’m not sure those exist) type of articles. I mean ones that only talk about either positive change or feel good posts. Here’s why. Continue reading “What’s up with negativity, anyway?”

What’s up with gaydar, anyway?

Let me start this post by disclosing my bias. I am a MASSIVE science fan. While I didn’t discover it early enough to get into it professionally, I have the utmost respect for people in any field of scientific study (yes, even you, Biologists). In 9 of 10 disputes where a scientist is at odds with a layperson, I will take the scientist’s side (even after studying the issue independently).

There are however exceptions to that rule. This is almost exclusively in the misapplication of science to achieve an agenda outside of increasing one’s knowledge. I believe this is the case here. Continue reading “What’s up with gaydar, anyway?”